Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kennedy Space Center

This has been such a crazy week and I'm still trying to catch up. Wednesday I went to Kennedy Space Center with Nate's class. It's been close to 20 years since I've been there so I was excited to go. KSC has their own buses that came to pick us up DSC04796 It took three of them to pick up the entire 6th grade. Our two teachers/classes went on one bus. It was loud but air conditioned and comfy. I did have a seat all to myself and the other chaperone and I (who happens to be a neighbor and Nate and her son are friends) got to chat the whole way up.
Nate's teacher took the girls (22 of them) and I had all the boys ~ that's 20 ll/12 yr olds ~ yikes! What was I thinking? Actually they were all very well behaved for the most part. I had one or two that had a tendency to wander but we returned to school with all the kids we left with so I guess it was a successful trip.
This is a real Saturn 5 rocket. DSC04798 It was never went into space because the program was cut before it launched. It was HUGE!
This is the rocket garden DSC04809 It's also where KSC served us lunch (hamburgers or hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks. DSC04818 The two blondes in the middle are Nate's teachers. It was a beautiful day out ~ the weather was a perfect 70 degrees.
This was the group shot of our two classes. DSC04827 I think I will get these printed out for the teachers as part of their Christmas gifts.
We watched a cool 3-D movie DSC04847 Got to talk to a real astronaut (who's name I can't remember). Saw a great experiment with liquid oxygen which they use in the space shuttle booster rockets, and finally rode on the Shuttle Launch Experience. DSC04858
The Launch "ride" holds 42. Unfortunately 40 of those were 11/12 year olds screaming at the top of their lungs the entire time. Other than that the ride was pretty cool.
There was a lot we didn't get to see but all the kids were issued passes to come again and bring 3 family members so guess what we're gonna do over Christmas break?


Miss Healthypants said...

Sounds like fun!--apart from all the screaming and the wandering off... :)

Jeremy Cox said...

I want a rocket garden for Christmas.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow that's a lot of kids to be responsible for! Looks like it was a lot of fun though.

Buck said...

"but we returned to school with all the kids we left with so I guess it was a successful trip."

You are too funny!

What a cool trip! I would have loved that.

But that many screaming kids -- You obviously have "The Right Stuff" for being such a fantastic mom.