Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finished and delivered

Finished up the last three of the gifts I needed to make ~ the two screen bags are for Nate's teachers. One loves pink, the other frogs. DSC04984 DSC04982
Julianne wanted a notebook cover for her teacher (who loves dogs) so this is what we came up with DSC04981
The kids are now off school for the holidays and Richard took the same 2 weeks off. Just a few things to finish off and we will be ready for Christmas.
I also finished up and mailed a few gifts for the babies in the family but I can't show them yet cause their mommy's read my blog ~ Trish & Alex ~ UPS says the gifts will be delivered by the 24th. Danielle ~ I'm holding on to Abbi's until you get here!
I'll try to check in again before Christmas but we will be doing our Christmas on the 24th when we wake up. We make this accommodation so Jen & Jeremy can get to other parents as well and my little kids sure don't mind having Christmas a day early. My MIL Charlotte will be up on Wednesday as well and we will all be able to share a meal together before J&J head out. Christmas day is then much less hectic ~ a nice breakfast and maybe a movie... kids playing with their new toys and all is right with the world.
If I don't get back here before then I am wishing all of you a very very Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year.


Sandra :) said...

Beautiful projects as always, Barb - I wish the very MERRIEST Christmas to you and your family - you're a ray of sunshine in blogland - I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures!! Sending you big flamingo hugs from Ontario!

Jennifer said...

I love the puppy fabric! Awesome!

mom23boys said...

I love the button closures on your bags. They are very cute - and I recognize that orange frog fabric :). What is it about teachers and frogs, anyway??

Trish said...

Hi! I will be on the lookout for Maddie's package, I know she will be very excited! Since I still haven't sent Christmas cards, and now it's too late- Merry Christmas to you all, we love you!

I will be sending card shortly after the holidays with a change of address (I was hoping to combine Christmas & address change). We haven't closed on the house yet, but as soon as that is done, I'll be sure to update everyone.

Buck said...

Those bags are SO colorful and creative.
Talent like that is WAY beyond me. It's a good thing there are people like you in the world, my friend.

jillytacy said...

The gifts look beautiful! I'm sure the recipients were thrilled to receive them!