Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The tree is decorated DSC04962 DSC04967
The outside of the house is doneDSC04946

And yes, those are flamingos pulling Santa's sleigh DSC04951

Hey, it's Florida ~ what do you expect?
I finished up some notebook covers for my fellow PTO officers, to be given out at our meeting today DSC04952 DSC04956 DSC04957 I tried to match the fabrics up with their personalities.
I also finished this bible cover which was a custom order DSC04958 I'm just hoping it fits.
And also this chalk mat DSC04965 DSC04963 which was also a custom order of my Etsy shop
Met with Nate's teacher this morning, along with the principal and the "Gifted Education" teacher and he will be starting back with the gifted program when he returns to school after Christmas break. Last year his school dropped the ball with putting him in the program even though I asked about it several times. I think this year it'll be a really good program for him and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does.
I also found out in the meeting, that I will be bringing in pizza's for his class on Friday. Nice of him to tell me that he volunteered me! Seriously though, it's not a problem and I look forward to spending some time in his class and getting to know his friends.


Bella said...

Love the tree and the outside of your house is perfect...that's the thing we didn't do this year...I don't know how and K doesn't have any time...and I'd be afraid for the teens to try it...don't want a fall off the roof/ladder deal. There are always men coming around here to clean out gutters...wonder if they put up lights for a mere $20?

Anna said...

your decorations look so pretty!!

Jennifer said...

Looks great!

Sandra :) said...

Great decorations - Santa with the rein-mingos is THE BEST!!! But I don't see any flamingos on your tree - are they just hiding behind the branches? ;)

Great gifties too - you've been busy getting things done!!! Are you ready for the big day? I'm still sewing, but the main "rush" is done, and what I'm doing now is stuff that will be gifted on Christmas Day, so I have a whole week to finish ... almost! ;)

jillytacy said...

I love the Santa and flamingos. I had to show Nature Girl(as you know she loves flamingos.) Of course she loved it! Yesterday after opening all of her gifts she announced that next year she wants Santa to bring her a flamingo that walks and talks. I'm hoping she forgets as I don't think it exists.