Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trip to Alabama ~ Part 3

So in real time I've gotten three more blocks done on the quilt for Julianne's class. I think I have 4 more to go which hopefully will get at least mostly done tonight. Here is October,DSC02798 July DSC02801 and September DSC02802
I had Decembers done but have decided it needs a little tweeking.
Now, back to the trip. Friday morning we all had to get up at "The butt-crack of dawn" to make the 2hr drive to Tuscaloosa and the main campus of University of Alabama. It was well worth the trip though to see J&J both get inducted into Kappa Tau Alpha which is the National Mass Communications Honor Society. Can I tell you how proud I am of both of them. DSC02710 Here they are with Dr. David Sloan, KTA Advisor of 35 years and actually this is his very last year and last induction ceremony before retiring at the end of this school year so it was very special indeed.
After the ceremony we headed over to the "Children's Hands On Museum" and we all had a great time there. Here is Nathaniel checking out some real fur pelts in the Indian Village DSC02713 Julianne being a bank teller in the "olde" town DSC02716 Both of the little ones enjoying a cup of tea in a japanese house DSC02722 while Jen tries to catch up on some much needed rest (they must have served her chamomile tea by mistake) DSC02723 Jeremy laments over the fate of Curios George while Dr. Nate works diligently to save him DSC02729
The place was unbelievable and great for kids of all ages and they really mean hands on. So many costumes and different areas and art rooms etc. If you ever are in the area it is a "must see." After that we stopped off for some lunch in a very cool area of town and I'm already looking forward to checking out the night life there when I go up for their graduation in August.
Once we got home we ordered in pizza and chilled for the night. Stayed tuned for tomorrow where we check out some caves and mine for gems. So, How was your day?


Monnik said...

oh... how fun! The children's museum sounds like such a cool place!

Debbielou said...

What a great place - you obviously all had a fantastic time !!

Manic Mom said...

Ah, I just got through watching Curious George with Tukey!