Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay ~ I so badly want you to NOT watch this movie I"m giving away the ending. The acting was really well done but I was really uncomfortable watching all the way through. It's based on the Stephen King novel ~ which I've read. I've read most of Stephen Kings stuff, or rather I had up until about 5 yrs ago and it got even darker than usual so I stopped. I like scary but I still like at least the promise of a happy ending. I will still read Dean Koontz sometimes because the good guys usually win. Anyway.... so Richard and I watched this movie last night and basically all these people are trapped in a grocery store by this mysterious mist. There are all kinds of theories as to what is out there but basically the military has opened a door to another dimension and bugs 500 times the size of our bugs are let loose on this town (or maybe the world ~ they are not sure!) We go through the requisite killings, angst, people being eaten by giant spiders ~blah blah blah until the hero, his little boy and 3 others escape the store, get into his jeep and head out of town as far as their gas can take them. Unfortunately they run out of gas and they are still in the mist and can hear what sounds like the giant bugs all around them. The hero has promised his little boy that he won't let the bugs get him so what does he do? He SHOOTS the kid and by agreement everyone else in the car within minutes of running out of gas. Only problem is he had only 4 bullets so while everyone else has been put out of their misery, he lives. He is in so much pain over what he has done he gets out of the car so the bugs will get him and he can die too. Only problem is the sound they actually heard was the military coming to save them and killing all the bugs along the way. The mist is lifted and he lives miserably ever after ~ The End. So tell me that doesn't suck big time. Wanna guess what kind of dreams I had! So please save yourself the angst and skip this movie ~ do it for me! So, How was your day?


Trish said...

I have heard a lot about this movie and all seem to agree that the ending is awful! I'm not sure if we will watch it or not, but I won't be the one renting it. Oh well, if I have to watch it- at least I know what the ending is and don't have to watch it.

Carol Van Rooy said...

You almost made that worth watching... just kidding.

Thanx for stopping by and feel free to pop by again.

Anonymous said...

Hated it!!! I would hate to be that guy!!
Love you,

Sandra said...

I'm a sucker for a happy ending, so had I watched that movie and realized what was happening at the end, I would have been beside myself! What an awful ending --- too morbid.

I know what you mean about Stephen King novels - thats why I stopped reading them as well - they're just too desolate. There are even shows on TV I can no longer watch because they upset me now. Criminal Minds is one of them - I love love LOVED that show, but the bad guys are so purely evil now, that the show leaves me feeling depressed and nervous. I even wonder about the writers that can come up with such nasty plots!

Julie said...

That would be why I don't watch movies like that!!

Becky said...

No worries. That's why I don't read or watch those things. Pictures from your trip are wonderful!!!!