Friday, April 18, 2008

Trip to Alabama ~ Part 1

The kids and I left for Alabama on Wednesday (last week!) and we were actually on our way at 7:00 am. I NEVER leave when I originally intend to so we were off to a good start. We made great time although it's a very boring drive most of the way. Once we hit Atlanta the scenery started to change beginning with the downtown Atlanta skyline. Not sure why but I really like skylines. Once you pass Atlanta it gets very green and very "hilly". The drive past Cheaha State park is really great. We also passed the Talladega Speedway which always reminds me of the movie "Talladega Nights" and makes me laugh. We got to J&J's about 3:00 their time so we had the whole first day ahead of us. Jeremy had to shoot some video for school at a girls fastpitch softball game over at Jacksonville State University so we all went with him to watch the game. It started out a bit shakey but got interesting pretty quick. The lady "gamecocks" (yikes) from Jacksonville ended up winning. Here's Jeremy hard at work!
After the game was over Jeremy had to shoot some additional footage so Jen, the kids and I went over to the empty field and hit a few balls (yes, even me!). Turns out my son has one hell of an arm on him and although he had never used a glove before (J&J had purchased one for him) you'd have thought he'd been catching with a glove all his life. Gotta get that boy on a team!
Oh and I can finally show you this... DSC02669 It's the signature quilt from J&J's wedding last year. My goal was to finish it and give it to them for their first anniversary and I actually did it! I think it turned out well and I believe they really liked it.
Well that was our first day in Alabama. Stayed tuned for tomorrow where I meet up with my sister and my very pregnant niece and I can show you one more thing I've been working on.
So, How was your day?


Bella said...

That's one of the coolest anniverasary quilts I've ever seen...the design/layout is fantastic... I am so stealing that!
(hahaha- 'gamecocks', not too many years ago the ball hats said 'co*ks'...ugh!)

Debbielou said...

You sound as though you had a great time.
What a lovely anniversary gift too !

Trish said...

The signature quilt is gorgeous!

Can't wait to "hear" about your visit with J & D!

jillytacy said...

This is an amazing quilt! What a fabulous gift. I would have loved one of these after my wedding.

Regina said...

What a beautiful quilt - love the layout and the colors - so classy looking. Do share a tutorial some time on how you put it all together!!! Inquiring minds want to know!

Julie said...

Very nice quilt! I would have loved to go the softball game. What a horrible name for a team though :snicker: