Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trip to Alabama ~ Part 2

At this rate J&J will have moved from Alabama before I finish posting about my trip there ~ But hey, I'm working on it. Today I finally finished the basket for Nathaniel's class for the Quest Fest. I have to say, it turned out better than I thought it would and the final value of the basket was over $400 so not too shabby. Julianne's class ended up with 2 baskets because we got enough stuff from Kennedy Space Center to make up it's own basket worth $250. Tomorrow I will finish up the other basket for her class which is also valued at about $400. I really hope these make some good money for the school.
So, back to the trip. Thursday morning my sister Joey and my niece Danielle drove over J&J's to see me and I got to give my niece this quilt I made for her little baby bump. Just so you know, those are yo-yo's made by Julianne on the cornerstones.DSC02686
I've been wanted to do a sunflower quilt and had been saving up some yellow/gold fq's but the baby's room is in pink/turq/green and lots of polka dots so I pulled together a bunch of pinks and went for it. DSC02701 It was great to see both of them. The last time I saw them was at Jen's wedding and there was so much to do and so many people to see that I felt like I didn't get to spend enough quality time with anyone ~ so this was really nice. We hung out outside for a while and played frisby with the pups. DSC02699We watched some of Jens wedding video and the photo slide Jen did for me for my birthday a couple of years ago. Later that night we went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Here we are ... My daughter Jen, my sister Joey, Me and my niece Danielle. DSC02706
All in all it was a really good day. Stayed tuned for tomorrow's post where we go to Tuscaloosa!
So, How was your day?


Julie said...

Pretty quilt! Love the yoyo corners.

So how did your sister get the name Joey? My daughter has a girl in her class named Joey and it's not short for anything.

Bella said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!

jillytacy said...

The quilt is beautiful! It's great how you incorporated your daughter's yo-yos into the quilt. What a nice gift for baby to be!
Sounds like the children's museum was fun for everyone.