Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shop sample

I know I haven't had much blog worthy news lately and I apologize for that. It's just been life as usual. I did finish the split 9 patch quilt today. I'll be teaching the technique mid May at one of the local quilt shops here in Melbourne. It feels good to be back in the business. I'm starting off slow with just one class for the summer and we'll see how it goes. Maybe in the fall I'll do more. I may be sewing some samples for them over the summer. That's when they start getting in the new Christmas fabrics and they need samples sewn immediately. I guess they were impressed by my ability to crank out products and still do quality work so we are working out the terms for doing this. Anyhow... Here's how the split 9 patch turned out. Julianne, of course, tried to keep it for herself (she only has about a million quilts squirreled away in her room). It's definitely a "girly" quilt. DSC02871c
This weekend I will start on Nathaniel's indian costume for school. Hopefully it'll turn out well. I tried to get him to go with just a loin cloth but he was having non of it (just kidding really!) I haven't made an Indian costume since Jen was little. I actually made the same outfit for her cabbage patch doll. Sure wish I still had these! I think they probably went to my niece Danielle at some point. Anyway... I'll definitely post pics ~ I think with his skin color he'll absolutely look the part (if you don't take the curly hair into account!).
Well I'm off to bed for the night ~ tomorrow's another day. So, How was your day?


Bella said...

Love the quilt...I can see why Julianna wants to swipe it. I am trying to use up the fabrics I have and i don't have any funky, fun fabric right now...gotta make quilts for the boring, dull people in the fam who like the 'old' fabric choices I made and never used...lol. They will never know!

Julie said...

So pretty! GL with the quilt instructor job!

Regina said...

Love that quilt -can't wait to see how my own turns out!!!

Sandra said...

Bella - I'm going to te-e-e-ell them!!! *gets on the phone and starts calling ...* ;)

What a gorgeous quilt Barb - how big is it? Nothing wrong with girly quilts, that's for sure! I've done blocks in that design but mine are all in stash scrap colors - not pretty fun prints. Like Bella, I have fabrics I used to like, but which no longer appeal to me (and lots were bought purely because they were cheap - I have to stop doing that, LOL). No wonder I haven't finished the tops - I don't really like the boring dark colors I used! I should try that block with some of my batiks - that would be yummy :)

Debbielou said...

Beautiful ! You really are "Mrs creative Barb" x