Saturday, April 5, 2008

Today's Outing

And no, it's not about someone coming "out of the closet" although I just heard today that Jodie Foster is gay. Doesn't change how I feel about her ~ I think she is an amazing actress and seems like a really nice person ~ I guess I just never realized it or thought about it really. I'm actually pleased that a person of that much fame can stay that private. For me it doesn't change who a person is. It's just another facet of their personality. Off my soap box for now and on to the real outing.
Richard, the kids and I went to a quilt show at the Melbourne Auditorium. We've all been to a few quilt shows and I typically try to go with a friend rather than drag the whole family along but yesterday they all did really well. Julianne has started to sew so she actually enjoyed it I think. She loved all the colors and textures. Richard does appreciate the art in quilting and doesn't mind taking a quick pass through and then there is Nathaniel. He actually did pretty well too. He and Richard stayed outside at first looking at all the geeseDSC02659 They found this nest which was very cool. Unfortunately one of the eggs was already broken and that made me feel bad. DSC02658
Now for the quilts... here's just a few of my favorites and just for the record let me state that all these pictures were taken by Julianne...
I thought this would look nice in my "tropical house" DSC02629
I must be in a tropical mood ~ go figure! If you'll look at this you'll see it's manatees, seahorses, turtles and dolphins. DSC02630
And lastly here's another one I'd like to do (with all tropical huts, of course). I've seen this pattern before but what this person did was to embellish it with all kinds of embroideries(chairs, animals and more).DSC02627
There are more pics on my flickr site if you'd like to check them out.
Julianne especially liked the dolls DSC02635
And I thought this was the best thing I saw all day. This woman had shrunk a pattern from a wall hanging and put it on her shirt ~ how cool!
After the show we went to Claire's so Julianne could spend her gift card that Jen & Jeremy got her for her birthday. I was hoping she'd get some cute earrings or something but NO ~ my child headed right for the sparkly make up! Such a girly girl.DSC02661
And lastly we headed for Target for Nathaniel who, with all this talk of fabric yo yo's decided he NEEDED a real yo yo.
Last night was spent finishing up a few projects and watching one of my very favorite shows "Ghost Whisperer." So glad it's back on again.
Well that was my day. So, how was your day?

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Julie said...

Sounds like a nice day! I'm suprised that goose didn't try to kill you lol. The ones where I live like to hiss when you walk by. My oldest hates ducks (all birds) so it freaks her out hehe.

That shirt and quilts are so neat!