Thursday, July 23, 2009

Using up scraps

Scraps have been running amok in my sewing room. I swear these little pieces of fabric are multiplying. Maybe I should let them sit and grow into big pieces of fabric before I chop them up and use them ~ but no, I really need to clean them out and use them up. Here's what I came up with... DSC07029
I deal in novelty pieces quite a bit and usually a coordinating piece (especially when making chilren's screen bags) so now I'm taking those leftovers and making these squares. I have no idea what kind of setting I'll use once I have enough to make a quilt from them but it'll come to me. Here's another batch waiting to be made into blocks. DSC07034 I think today I will go through more of my scap bins (yes, I have many) so I can pull and cut out a bunch more. I'm going over to Tampa on Friday to sew with the gals so this will give me a project to work on while we chat.
Just in case you need to know... the main fabric is a 5" square and the sides/tops are from 2" strips.

Oh, and one more thing.. while Julianne is loving having us all to herself (Nate has been in Jacksonville with J&J all week) she is really missing him and doesn't want to sleep on the other side of the house without him near so here's where she's been sleeping DSC07035 On the floor, next to our bed. Fortunately on Richard's side cause I'd trip over the child when I get up in the middle of the night. When Richard leaves for work he puts her up on the bed since she'll sleep for another couple of hours. Of course they'll probably be fighting within minutes of him coming home on Saturday ~ but they do love each other.

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Sandra :) said...

Love your scrap blocks - you could make Project Linus quilts with them! I bet you'll all be glad to have Nate back :D