Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Medieval Times

A while back we went to Medieval Times
for a girl scout event. DSC05870
Not sure if you've ever been to one, but it really is worth going. There are quite a few around the country and even one in Canada. It's a dinner theatre with a twist. You eat in a remake of an 11th century castle. You are served soup, bread, chicken, corn and potatoes on pewter plates (no silverware) by a serving wench. DSC05909 And all seats surround an arena DSC05887 Where they have "the show." It's actually quite good.. the story is a bit cheezy but the horses are the real show. They have a jousting tournament along with other horse "games" and of course it all ends in a battle. DSCN1022
Each section of the arena cheers for their Knight. All in all it's well worth the money and enjoyable for both kids and parents. The performance we went to was a special "lunchtime" performance just for the girl scouts so the prices were really good.
Being me, I had to, of course, pose with a Knight or two afterwards..DSC05912 A bit sweaty but that only added to the appeal!
Nate posed here with "our" Knight DSC05910
But the highlight of the day (for us anyway) was when Julianne was presented with the first flower by our Knight DSC05901

I've got another post planned for another day showing the village surrounding the castle complete with a torture chamber which really is NOT for the weak of heart or most children so stay tuned!


Monnik said...

Oh, wow. That looks like fun! Great pictures!

Sandra :) said...

Medieval Times is a lot of fun! We went to the one here in Toronto many years ago when the kids were younger - they loved it (especially eating with no silverware, lol).