Saturday, July 25, 2009

Movie reviews (and a spoiler alert)

I've rented 3 movies lately. Two of them I highly recommend. "Last Chance Harvey" started out a bit awkward. I still see Rainman with Dustin Hoffman in this movie and he is definitely down and out, getting kicked about. I can only take so much of that but he does manage to turn it around and with the help of Emma Thompson not only finds love, but his self respect. It's just an all around feel good movie.

The 2nd movie we watched was a bit of a sleeper. Martian Child was a wonderful movie. John Cusack does a wonderful job at a young widower adopting a "special needs" child who seems to believe he is from Mars. The bond they form and the hurdles they overcome are very real and gives you up for the rest of us "earthlings."

The last movie we watched was TERRIBLE! Don't get me wrong, I really like Nicholas Cage and will usually see a movie just because he is in it. The acting was really good but the movie was one of the most depressing movies EVER! I don't like movies where one of the main characters die.. and here's where the spoiler alert comes in... stop reading now if you don't want to know how the movie ends... I won't take it personally... I promise... okay... here goes.... THEY ALL DIE!!! The world ends! Well the two kids (along with a handful of other kids you never see) are taken in a spaceship to another planet to start over. I guess that's supposed to be the uplifting part ~ but really it's not. Dumping a couple of preteens who's parents have just been obliterated on a planet all by themselves ~ not really a good idea!
Anyway... that's my review. I hope I've been helpful.


Miss Healthypants said...

(Spoiler alert to other commentors): If you don't like movies where pretty much everyone dies at the end, don't see "The Departed." Really good movie, but yeah, kinda depressing.

Anna said...

glad i didn't rent Knowing, I was about to until I read this...=)