Monday, July 13, 2009

It's the Ginkster's Birthday

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday. We went down to South Florida to take her out to dinner at the Mexican Restaurant that her friend Sue owns. It's called the "Mexican Cantina." It's over on Sunrise just off A1A and you really should go if you are ever in the area. The food was fantastic. Richard and his mom had the Pacifica which was shrimp and scallops and more all wrapped up and covered in cheese.
I had the New York Strip fajita and it was amazing. DSC06944C The portions are huge and the steak was so tender. Best of all, the margarita's are fabulous. They also make their own guacamole which I generally don't like but ate every drop of it. This is Charlotte and Sue last night... DSC06943
I had called Sue in advance to let her know we were coming and she had a cake all ready as a surprise and surprised she was DSC06946
I think she was very happy with all the "loot" we brought her. Richard got her an Ipod shuffle and preloaded it with lots of her favorite music. I made her this little quilted bag DSC06935 to hold the shuffle and the earphones. We also gave her this bookmark that my friend Julie made for her. She makes some of the coolest bookmarks ~ you'll have to check out her Etsy shop and see more of them. She also does custom orders. I've gotten some for the kids and two for myself. They make great little gifts or a perfect something extra when giving a book or book store gift card. I've got a few more in mind that I'd like her to do for me for gifts.

Oh, and we also brought her this really funky monkey. DSC06942 I found it at an antique store the other day when I was shopping with Mary Catherine. It's perfect for my MIL cause she has the craziest monkey table! And last but not least we got her a very cool CD. It's called Spanish Cafe and the music sounds just like that, something you'd expect to hear over a latte in a latin cafe. I knew she'd like this cause not only is she fluent in spanish she spent a great deal of her life living in Venezuela.

Actually that's where Richard was born. How many of you knew that? Rumor has it that he married me only to get his citizenship ~ think after 22 yrs we have the INS fooled?

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