Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy Sewing...

I have had a few things brewing in my head that I wanted to get done and I've actually managed to complete some of them.
First off is a bag for Jennifer. DSC06920 She's got a few upcoming presentations and wanted a bag to keep her papers in. She picked the pink out of my stash and we went with a basic black to keep it more professional. I then added a pocket lined with the light pink. The pocket was originally going to go in the back but I decided I liked it better in front (gave the bag more interest) so I "unsewed" the flap and turned it around. It's basically a messenger bag that is tall instead of wide. I love the writing on this print DSC06923 DSC06924
I'll be bringing it up to her next weekend when we go to Jax to watch she and Jeremy run a 5K race (their first!)
I've also been wanting to make myself a new screen bag and when I saw the new line of black/white/lime green fabrics, I knew this would be the one! DSC06925 I went all out with this one and put pockets on the inside DSC06932 I love having a pen pocket cause those suckers always hide in my purses. I also really really love the big chunky button... and not sure if you can tell but I added crystals to the centers of all the flowers. Can you tell I'm having fun with this bag?
I also made a bag for my neighbor, Kitty. DSC06904 I was browsing an embroidery site and saw this "Kitty" and knew I had to do something with it. She's been a great friend since I moved into the neighborhood ~ and introducing me around the school. Here's a look at the inside DSC06905 She was quite surprised and really liked it.

I've got a few more bags that I've made but those will have to wait till their owners receive them ~ stay tuned!

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