Friday, July 3, 2009

MaryAnn comes to Florida

So two weeks ago (I know, I know, I'm a bit behind) MaryAnn came to visit. We had a blast! We experimented with Pear martini's DSC06582
We went to a "not so haunted" restaurant named Ashleys which has been written up in a few haunted places books, tv shows and websites. Trust me when I tell you the websites are much better than the actual place. The food was so-so and I could have dealt with that but the service was TERRIBLE. And to add insult to injury there was no spooky stuff seen at all. We even went into the highly haunted women's bathroom and NOTHING ~ NADA ~ NYET! Not even a flickering light. You'd think they'd at least rig something to make it a little more exciting. We did get tired of hearing "It's the Ghost" everytime a waitress or patron dropped something.
The night wasn't a total loss though you see MaryAnn and I make our own fun wherever we go. We had been clothes shopping that afternoon while the kids were at camp. MaryAnn had tried on quite a few things but by far my favorite was a skirt/blouse combo that was Orange (my favorite). It looked so cute and I convinced her to get it. I liked it so much she made me try on the same outfit which I even liked on me. She decided we both needed it and since we live 4 states away, looking like bobsie twins should not be an issue... until we got the great/crazy/insane idea to BOTH wear them for dinner that night. I mean Julianne and Hannah (MaryAnn's youngest) do it whenever they are together. I knew Richard would just laugh ~ he's used to our craziness but thought maybe we could embarrass the kids. When Richard got home MaryAnn was already dressed and in the living room and I heard him say hello to her and proceed into our room where I was also dressed and putting on the last of my makeup. He came in and said hello and being a guy didn't really notice anything... that is until I walked into the living room and he saw us both at the same time. He just laughed and shook his head. Julianne also noticed and thought it was funny. Nate, he's a guy ~ he never said a word.
So we get to the restaurant and the waitress says "You two are dressed alike." DUH! to which my husband says "they are twins." And her response is "So, are you two, like, on a bowling league?" WHAT??? I know it's been a while ~ 30 yrs to be exact ~ since I've been on a bowling league but I don't remember the members wearing matching skirts and blouses. WTH? Anyway, service went downhill from there!
We spent most days hanging out in the pool (thankfully no pictures here!) and just enjoying being together.
We did go out to the beach to see once of the rockets get launched from Kennedy Space Center and while most people stood around with no place to sit while waiting for the launch, MaryAnn was there with a pro!
Chairs and beers are the way to wait for a launch. We also had Richard at his office calling us with updates (it was delayed for about 20 minutes). It wasn't a particularly spectacular launch but it's still cool to be able to see.
That night we went out for a really nice dinner. MaryAnn, Richard and Nathaniel all got sushi (eww!) while I dined on steak and lobster tail (yum).
I hated to see her go but I think she had a good time and I know I did... and I'm looking forward to the next time we can get together.


Trish said...

You two look cute, not at all like bowlers! :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

LOL too funny on the bowling league! We have a restaurant/bar that is supposed to be haunted too. I went there once. I did almost lock myself in the bathroom but I think that was just me and no one holding it shut lol.

Margaret said...

Brilliant funny post! you gals sure created a stir!