Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well I survived the week ~ mostly!

It's been a week `that's for sure and I'll try to get to all or most of it. The Disney field trips were in the pouring rain (yes both of them) and even rumored funnel clouds. Needless to say, I got sick as a dog. Upper respiratory infection aka bronchitis. Spent most of the end of the week in bed till my darling husband dragged me to the doctor on Saturday who injected me with antibiotics, filled me with steroids and lots of other drugs and by Saturday night I was again functional and allowed the weekend to end well.

Before I go into all the other stuff I wanted to say a big thanks to Lisa of Upstate Lisa who surprised me with a wonderful package. Her blog is just full of fun and great projects and I've been following her for quite a while. She has been working on a quilt of "wonky houses" and I have been drooling over all of them. She and I are also "buddies" on Flickr and she had posted a pic of one of her houses and made a comment that she would like to have more of a certain fabric. I was lucky enough to have just over a yard of said fabric and offered to send her some. In return I asked for a bit of one of her owl fabrics she had used and maybe a few hints on how to construct some of my very own houses. Well not only did she do that ~ She made me my very own wonky house! DSC06449 Isn't it just so cute. I can't believe she did that for me. Oh, and here's the cute owl fabric she sent. DSC06450 I have been obsessed with owl fabric lately. So thank you thank you thank you Lisa. You helped make a stressful week so much brighter.


Sandra :) said...

Gotta love drugs, LOL!!! ;)

Sweet wonky house block and owl fabric! I popped over to Lisa's blog and her blocks are incredible!

upstateLisa said...

So glad you received it safely! I need some drugs here tonight! achoo! thanks for swapping!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's really cool! Glad you are feeling better!