Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday was graduation day, sort of

Thursday was spent in bed, coughing my fool head off and trying to survive. I did manage to crawl out of bed, take a shower get dressed and take Nate to his Middle School interview with the counselor for his accelerated classes. Unfortunately after all the effort, the counselor was not there. They supposedly left me a message the day before to reschedule but I never got it. I was okay with rescheduling cause I felt like crap but wished I hadn't had to go through all the effort.
Julianne had her "bridging" ceremony with the girl scouts but her scout leader picked her up and dropped her off so no pics of that and I went back to bed.

Friday was the 6th grade graduation ceremony for Nate and no way was I going to miss that. He received several awards and we are so very proud of him. The biggest part of the ceremony was the "Dancing through the years" that each class did. His class was the 1980's and they danced to Mickey ~ oh mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind ~ hey Mickey! hey Mickey! Now tell me that's not stuck in your head! They were really cute and Nate moonwalked across the stage and got a big cheer. Here is a short clip of one of the videos. Nate is on the far right in pastel clothes.

Here he is walking on stage to get his certificate from the principal. His teacher is the blonde with the basket

After the ceremony the 6th graders got to go home and we kept Julianne out for the day. We went out to breakfast at Nate's favorite diner and then he and Rich went out to see the new Terminator movie (Rich does not recommend it) while I went back to bed and Julianne stayed by my side, putting cold rags on my head, feeding me sips of gingerale and putting vix vapor rub on the soles of my feet (it helps keep the couching to a minimum).
All in all Nate's had a fairly successful school year this year. His teachers were wonderful and we are all looking forward to Middle school. I think he'll do really well. The kids actually have a few more half days of school left this week but they will be doing absolutely NO work at all!

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Debbie said...

Looks like a great celebration! I hope you are feeling better.