Friday, May 15, 2009

Exciting news... well for me anyway...

My cousin Linda is our family genealogist. She's been trying to chronicle our family and has actually gotten most of us together on a family email list so we are now more in contact than ever before. Anyway... in the course of her on line family tree she was contacted that there was another family tree that seemed to be connected to ours. Long story short she is now in contact with a woman who has the same great grandparents as we do! My great great grandparents on our grandmother's side was Anna May and James Brooks. They are the Brooks/Reilly side of that same family. I know my mom and her brothers and sisters grew up with their Brooks cousins and I have heard many great stories of my mother's cousin Kenny. This person we are now in contact with is Kenny's daughter. How cool is that?? I have some pictures that I need to find and scan from my mother's first wedding where Kenny was the alter boy. I'm excited to learn more about my mother's family history.

Speaking of my mother's family ~ next Sunday I will get to see my cousin Cathy who I haven't seen since I was in my young teens. She and her family live in Las Vegas. She works for the Osmonds ~ yes "The Osmonds" in some capacity or other. I'm hoping to learn more when I see her. She is also bringing her son who is an actor and a real cutie! Anyway, they will be in Orlando for a couple of days and the family and I will drive over and meet with them.

Next week will be a crazy one. Monday I have a field trip to Disney's Epcot where Julianne and the school chorus will perform at Downtown Disney. Tuesday I have the final Girl Scout and PTO meetings for the school year. Wednesday I will be back in Orlando at Disney's Animal Kingdom for Nate's 6th grade field trip. Thursday Nate and I will meet with the counselors at the middle school to get his schedule set for next year and Friday will be his 6th grade graduation ceremony. He may or may not have a baseball game on Saturday, depending on how his team plays tomorrow and Sunday is when I'll meet up with cousin Cathy! PHEW! Busy but hopefully I'll have some great pics to show you.

Oh and I got my hair all cut off for the summer and I'm loving it!!!!DSC06240


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Is that all natural curl? I'm about ready for my shorter summer cut.

mom23boys said...

Sounds like my life lately. -Two months and counting. How exciting to reconnect with a whole branch of your family. I love the cut, BTW.

Miss Healthypants said...

Your hair looks awesome! :) Such a pretty color, too--is that natural? I would love it if my hair were that color.

Anyway, geneology can be quite interesting. Turns out some of my ancestors lived in Chicago--how 'bout that? :) And by the way, the blogger "Worms Puppies BBQ" (on my blog links) is passionate about geneology--she researched a lot of my family stuff for free. :)

Jeremy Cox said...

Cute 'do!

upstateLisa said...

Your hair looks wonderful!!! Love the curls! Sounds like a busy time of year! have fun!

Bella said... have gorgeous hair!

genealogy has always been on the to-do list...but there so much stuff to do...hoping another of the family is keeping up with it!