Sunday, May 3, 2009

A "Hairy" time

It's been all about hair here recently. Julianne is experimenting with some new looks. ThisDSC06197 before bed turned into big wavy hair and this DSC06204 turned into lots and lots of cute curls that actually lasted a good part of the day. Notice how I have "before" pictures and no "after" pictures? Yeah, mornings are crazy in this house and I'm lucky to get them off to school clothed, never mind taking cute pictures!
Nate's hair recently underwent a bit of a transformation as well. He talked me into putting a relaxer on it. DSC06168 It's still wet in this pic so dry its still pretty curly but it made him happy. I guess that's what's important. It did make his curls a bit looser.
And as long as we are on hair (you can see mine, it really really really needs to be "done") here is Julz in her normal hair ~ looking all cool! DSC06191 This was taken at family dinner night at Beef O'Brady's.
And just to give you a chuckle today.. Here's one from the archives.
Someone ~ most likely some smart alec kid, switched the hair color in the boxes and I ended up with almost purple hair one day. So, what else could I do (once I calmed down) but put on some goth make up and have my picture taken! I went to Sears to have this done and put my make up on in the waiting room. Let me tell you, moms were moving their kids away from me. The photographer thought it was pretty funny and we had a blast doing these. I got my hair fixed the next day so it was all good!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh my gosh that's too funny! (Goth Pic) I bet you had some tears when you were done dying your hair.

Debbie said...

I so admire you for making the best of the hair debacle! How fun you are:)

Miss Healthypants said...

Hilarious! :)

Carol VR said...

I love that Goth picture. You almost look like Elvira (sp?)

upstateLisa said...

Those kids are so good looking! And well, you have looked better... black doesn't suit you really.