Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday at Epcot

Monday was Julianne and the RMW Chorus field trip to Epcot at Disney. We left the school about 9:30 and got to Epcot just before 11:00. It was kinda cool to arrive behind the scenes at Disney. No big secrets to tell though. We came into Epcot from behind Italy. Only problem was, it was pouring rain! I had brought ponchos for Julianne and I but not everyone had one and even with a poncho it was raining too hard to go anywhere. We had lunch backstage and then they ushered us into the park where we waiting till the rain let up which took about 1/2hr ~ did I say in the rain, in a china and glass shop in Italy with 3 4th grade girls and 7 4th grade boys. Talk about bulls in a china shop! This is our group (me and another parent) in front of "Test Track" which we went on twice one the rain let up. They are posing with their chorus leader DSC06282
We stayed at Epcot till just about 6:30 when we headed back to Italy to go backstage and change into uniforms and a short bus ride to Downtown Disney. Here they are on stage. DSC06308 Julianne is right next to the teacher in the front row. They performed about 5 or 6 songs and did really well.
It was a long, loud, cold ride home and a stressful trip ~ you try keeping account of ten 10 yr olds all day when they all want to go separate ways. I go on these field trips because I know how easy it is to loose a child and I want to ensure the safety of my child ~ but boy it's definitely NOT fun!
However I wouldn't have missed seeing her sing for all the money in the world!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

That so does NOT sound like fun!! Bet you are glad it's over with :)

zizzybob said...

Don't go in December either. The temps are as low as 45 and this South Florida gal is cold at 65 degrees.