Sunday, May 31, 2009

Honey's Bday part 2

So, I think Richard had a good birthday..
His mom came up the day before. We went to the "end of the year" softball game. For about 6 yrs now 4 of the elementary schools in the area play off against each other at the minor league stadium. We love going ~ the kids love seeing their teachers play and hanging out with all their friends. My son spent most of the game talking on the phone to 3 girls ~ yes 3! Me, I helped sell foam fingers for the PTO.
On Friday I made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and Julianne put candles in Richards so we could sing "happy birthday." Most of the day was spent hanging out at the pool, grilling hamburgers and just chillin!
I made Richard a "mat" for his desk. It's something he's been asking for. It's kind of like a very large place mat. DSC06490 It's all coffee themed fabric which is appropriate considering he is a Starbucks addict. Julianne also made him a matching coaster. From the kids he is getting a family kayaking trip which we will probably do sometime in June. I think we will meet up with Jen and Jeremy in St. Augustine and even Richard's mom is gonna come with us. Should be a fun time.
We went over to Orlando in the late afternoon to the Ikea store there. We had never been and it's quite overwhelming. Afterwards we went out to dinner and had good drinks,DSC06479 good food, DSC06481 and good desserts DSC06485


Miss Healthypants said...

Sounds like a good time!--glad you had fun! :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

What a nice birthday, love the mat!