Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last Saturday's game

Things here at Casa de Albury have been jumping and crazy and I haven't had a moment to post to my blog nor read and comment on your blogs and for that I'm terribly sorry. I promise to do better and I hope to catch up on all of you very soon.

Last Saturday's game was a really good one (5 to 1) and I couldn't be happier since Nate's grandmother, big sister Jen & brother in law Jeremy all came in to town to watch.
Afterwards we all went to lunch at Italian Courtyard to celebrate. I love this restaurant. They have the best garlic knots ever! The rest of their food is pretty good too. DSC04251
Having Jen & Jeremy here also means having my grandpups. Here they are resting on a sleeping Daddy DSC04258
While Jen taught her brother and sister how to play "spit"DSC04257
Julianne caught on very quickly and it's now her favorite game DSC04260

Also, before my mother in law left to go home we did a little birthday shopping for me! We now have a table & chairs out on the pool deck and I'm loving it! We've been eating out their every night since. Nathaniel has taken to doing his homework out there and Richard sat out there last night getting some work done on his lap top. THANKS GINKSTER!! DSCN0740

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