Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The final two games

We played our final games on Saturday and then on Monday night. We won both games and the kids played really well. While I look forward to an easier schedule I will miss the games and the kids and the camaraderie of the parents.
Here are a few highlights of the games
And to honor the team, both Julianne and Nathaniel dyed their hair blue!
Fortunately for me, this stuff washes right out and is pretty harmless. It comes in all colors and Julianne loves to get the gold one and put "hi lights" in her hair!
Next Monday we (the team) will meet at Pizza Hut for a party, hand out trophies and I'm putting together a small scrap book of pics from the season for the coach.

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Monnik said...

I always miss the parents when a sport season is over too... Love the blue hair!

Oh, and Happy Birthday! (or is that supposed to be a secret?)