Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting to meet our next Vice President

On Oct 28th Joe Biden came to Melbourne. Richard took off early from work and we decided to bring the kids to meet our next VP. They were a bit bored at first. We stood in line for about an hour but we ended up right in front where the kids could get a good view.
The kids played in the park and had a snack while we held their place in line DSC04158
And once we got in we still had about 45 minutes to wait DSCN0717 That's Nate under the skater jacket.
The crowd was pretty big DSCN0723 and their was definitely "electricity" in the the air.
You can see here how close Nate is to the stairs of the podium where Sen Biden would be speaking DSCN0724
so at this point I turned the camera over to him since he had a much better view.
I thought this was a great picture he took. That sign says it all. DSC04190
Although from where we were the sun was blazing right on the podium and once the sun went down the lights were in the same spot!
Senator Bill Nelson (and wife) introduced Senator Biden
Here's a great shot (thanks Nate!) of the paparazzi waiting for a shot of our next Vice President. A couple of them also got shots of Nate waiting in the crowd.
And here he is (that's secret service in the corner) DSC04196
He was an amazing speaker and everyone (even the kids) were cheering and screaming. After his speach he came down to shake hands with the masses DSC04207
It was right about this point he stopped and shook hands with Julianne and told her how beautiful she was after which he stopped at Nathaniel shook his hands and rubbed his head. Not sure exactly what he said to him cause Nathaniel was so excited he forgot.
Needless to say, Joe Biden (and President elect Obama) have two new fans DSC04208
All in all it was a great night and one our whole family won't soon forget.


Sandra :) said...

I bet the kids will never forget meeting the VEEP!!!

mom23boys said...

I'm SO jealous. Although Obama came to Portland several months ago, I wasn't able to go. I wanted to so bad. What a great experience for the kids - and how wonderful that Biden took the time to acknowledge both of them.

Miss Healthypants said...

That's awesome! You were all lucky to have that experience. :)

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Oh how freekin cool! Im very very jealous. How much would you have killed to be that close to the stage in Chicago last Tuesday night!? :)

Swishy said...

WOW! That is awesome!

jillytacy said...

How cool! I think it's great that the kids were able to be there and meet the Vice President.

Jeremy Cox said...

What a great thing to have as a memory. Great pics too, bro-in-law!