Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Friday Night

We had a really good Friday night. Good food, good drink and the entertainment was priceless!
After a crazy busy week I needed Friday. I even managed to meet my dear Hubster for lunch in "Historic Downtown Melbourne," which is actually pretty close to work for him. It's basically New Haven street, which runs a little over a mile, full of shops and restaurants. We ate at an "alternative" dinner. I had a great cuban sandwich and Richard had the hummus which he said was great ~ I'll have to take his word for it. All the people working there were young, hip, tattooed and pierced. The art work in the place was spectacular. It's definitely someplace I'd go back to.
Friday night we made a low key but yummy dinner. I made an avocado salad which turned out really pretty and most delicious. DSC04550 I love how the colors and the tastes of the avocado, tomato, cilanto, jalapeno and red onions just pop. The jalapeno was a little hotter than usual so I had to make sure I had plenty of Smirnoff Ice to drink with it! I also prepared some shrimp for Richard to grillDSC04560 They are brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with Adobo seasoning and then I squeeze a little lime over them once they are done. There is also lime in the avocado salad so it all goes together very nicely. I also made some yellow/white corn on the cob which was particularly good tonight. All in all it was a Party in my Mouth!
As I said the entertainment was priceless... can you guess what these pictures are?
DSC04552 DSC04553 DSC04554 DSC04556
I'll even give you a hint...these pics were taken at 7:55 pm on Friday night. I may even send a prize to the first person who sends me a comment with the correct guess.

Julianne loves my write on/wipe off board and was busy making a new drink menu ~ geeze, you'd think we drink a lot around here or something. DSCN0747 DSCN0755

All in all a good day, doncha think?


Jennifer said...

It's the space shuttle!! Gimme my prize!

Jennifer said...

Where are the grandpup videos? Your loyal readers demand Frisbee videos! (Including the one that hit you in the face!)

Barb said...

You don't count Jen, besides you raided my sewing room last week while you were here!

Sandra :) said...

Heehee @ the comments ... is that CHICANERY I smell? ROTFL!!

I'm a loyal reader - I demand Frisbee videos!!

Dani said...

Dang I came to tell what it was and jen beat me to it! Oh well...

Buck said...

I really was going to say it was the space shuttle because during the launch, they described how it looked on a clear night. That is SO COOL!!!

I'm definitely coming to your place for dinner one of these days!

mom23boys said...

MAAANNN! (she says in a whiny voice) you're making me hungry - and that food is over a week old now!