Thursday, June 5, 2008

School is OUT!!!

I'm not sure who is more excited ~ me or the kids. For me it means we are that much closer to moving into the new house and out of this strange neighborhood. The last day of school was one big party. We celebrated Nate's teacher's McBirthday in style. Her sister, mother and daughter were all in the class and brought everyone donuts, pizza, bubba teeth and "gangsta" shades.DSC03169
Friday after school we went to the stadium to see our teachers get beat by the teachers from another school. It was painful to watch but the kids had fun hanging out with their friends. Here is Nathaniel's current squeeze ~ she's a cutie. DSC03184
Wednesday found us at the doctor's office with Julianne and an ear infection. I snapped this pic of the mural (hand painted) in the drs office. Not sure who did it, but they did a wonderful job.DSC03190
The kids already have all kinds of plans for sleepovers and such. Me, I'm a packing fool ~ this move can't come soon enough for me!


Julie said...

Well we had a week of schools out and now my oldest is taking summer school and it's at the high school. ALL THE WAY IN TOWN and on the OTHER side of town. We were out and about at 7 this morning.

Barbara Martin said...

Love the mural and those BIG fish eyes. Good luck for the summer keeping Nathaniel busy.

jillytacy said...

The gangsta shades are too cute! It looks like they all had fun! I'm sure you'll have a busy summer with the move but I hope it's lots of fun too!

Bella said...

First, Congrats ! Abbigale is here! The kids look like they had great fun...and school is OUT!
Are you doing the move?