Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's the big 75 for my Dad

Just wanted to wish my Dad a VERY VERY HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY!!!
Here he is with my mom on their wedding day. I'm the smallest one (not anymore) on the far right. This is the day we became a family. My dad adopted my sister and I (Joey's the one in blue) not too long after this and he's been my dad ever since. I really never had much contact with my biological father (aka sperm donor) so I was thrilled to finally have a "daddy." My (step) brother and I have always gotten along and although my (step) sister and I fought like cats and dogs the whole time we were growing up (we were too close in age and both Daddy's girls) I'm happy to report that now that we are adults ~ we really do love each other and get along really well. Thanks to my dad I've also inherited two step mothers and an amazing baby brother who is now 21! Thanks Dad, for bringing us all together. I love you!


Sandra said...

Awwwwwwww what a great story - Happy 75th Birthday "Dad" !!

Becky said...

Your dad still looks good. My dad would have been 75 this year in March. Hope the move is going well. Love ya!!!!

Barbara Martin said...

Thank you for sharing your father's 75th birthday. May he have many more to celebrate.