Sunday, June 29, 2008

A quick "shout out"

Just a quick shout out to my sister Terry in Texas. She and I got off to a rocky start when her dad married my mom but I'm happy to say now that we are more "mature" we really do get along really well and I miss her! Terry is on the left, sister Joey in the middle and me on the right. I think this was taken back in the early 70's. Happy Birthday Terry ~ You'll always be just a little bit older than me... hee hee


jillytacy said...

Great picture! Look at you girls! It's fun knowing that you'll always be a little bit younger and can point it out whenever you need to!

Sandra said...

Hi, Terry - Happy (belated) birthday from Canada!!

My sister will always be older than me too, even tho according to her records, somehow she's now younger than me AND her daughters!! The new math surely works in HER favor!! ;)