Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shop Hop Review

So recently I took a trip to South Florida and since it was just me (no hubster, no kidlets) I decided to do my own little shop hop on the way down. I did a little on line research and found a total of 7 shops along the east coast that I had not previously visited.

I left home about 9:00 am with my little quilt map in hand. My first stop was Keepsake Quilts Shoppe in Port St. Lucie.   I was not off to a good start.  First of all, the google map directions had me get off  I95 and head up to US1 about 3 exits before I needed to which added a lot of time and stop and go traffic on the way.... only to find that Keepsake Quilt Shoppe is closed!  My bad, I probably should have called the shops on my list first.

My hop got much better after that though.  My next stop "The Jam Patch" in Stuart was just about 7 miles down the road and I knew they were still in business because I subscribe to their blog.  I've been wanting to visit this shop for a while and I was NOT disappointed.  This is a fairly large shop chock full of everything you could ever want and some things you didn't even know you wanted but now must have.  On the day I visited, Joey (The "J" of J and M) was there and just as nice as could be.  She even checked over the rest of my shop hop list to make sure all the rest of the shops were still in business and even gave me better directions on how to get to the next shop.   If you are ever in Florida, this is a must stop shop.  I could have made this my only stop and been a happy camper.  Here are a few more pics from their wonderful shop....

There were so many little nooks and crannies to investigate, I probably spent almost 2 hours in just this shop. It's really a good thing I don't live closer ~ I'd be in waaay too much trouble. Several customers came in while I was there and there were all greeted by name and made to feel (as I was) so very welcome.

Here's the loot from this shop... several of these pieces have already been made into a very special project this weekend.. and while I have plans for some of the other pieces... there are pieces I HAD to get "just because."

What I didn't notice until I was pulling out of the parking lot was that they have taken over the store next door and it is their classroom.  I'd love to take a class there sometime soon. 

More on my shop hop tomorrow.... I promise!


Mary Ann said...

Looks like you are doing fine getting in trouble without me. You got some fun stuff. Miss you and if I ever get to come your way we may have to do it all over again.

Sandra :) said...

OOooOOO it looks like you had fun after a rough start, lol! What did you make with your new goodies, hmmmmmmmmmm? I wonder if that elephant pattern might be for a certain very young lady whose name starts with a C? ;)

jillytacy said...

Oooh all of that fabric! I think I might be overwhelmed with all of those beautiful fabrics! What to buy?!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Great Comments! It was a pleasure to "make your day!" Hope we see you soon.

The JaM Patch