Monday, August 30, 2010

The New Fall LIne Up

Have you all seen the ads for the new fall shows coming up? I love this time of year ~ so many new shows to check out. Looks like there are some good possibilities coming up.

They've really been advertising "The Event." It's got Blair Underwood (who I've liked since LA Law) as President and also features Jason Ritter (John's son) who I really like. Looks like a conspiracy theory drama.   They are saying it's the next "Lost."  Hopefully not quite as convoluted as Lost.  I think maybe more of a "Flash Forward" type show but hopefully it'll last a bit longer.

There is also "Chase" which looks to be promising. It's about a female US Marshall and each week trying to catch a dangerous fugitive.  She apparently comes with her own sorted past and baggage.  We'll see how this one goes.  Not sure how many more cop shows we need but again the cast seems to be a really good mix.

"Undercovers" seems to be a "Mr & Mrs Smith" for TV but just look at this couple.  They are beautiful.  Hopefully it won't be as violent as the movie, but if these two have any chemistry at all together,  it looks to be a good start.   Not that I need yet another show to get hooked on.

I'm really looking forward to "No Ordinary Family."  I've been a Michael Chiklas fan for a while although "The Sheild" while really well done was a bit too dark for me.  It'll be interesting to see him in something lighter.  It's basically a family that goes through something that turns them all into superheros.  We are not talking "Hero" here which, while great in the first season went straight downhill from there.  Think more "Incredibles."  Looks really cute and I"m hoping this one will make it.

Last but certainly not least, I just found out about this new show last night.  "Outlaw" looks like it just might be my favorite new show.  I base this on one reason and one reason only.  Jimmy Smits! Yet another LA Law alumni. He plays a supreme court judge who resigns to become a lawyer so he can change the system.  If I know Jimmy Smits (and I like to pretend that I do) the show will be unpredictable (hopefully) and sexy (definitely) and probably a bit dark.  I really like the show "Cain" that he was in a couple of years ago but that really didn't last and then there was his role in Dexter that was unbelievably dark but really good.

There is also Mike & Molly which might be cute and a few others I haven't checked out yet.   Of course, there are my current favorites like "How I Met Your Mother", "Castle", "Glee", "Big Bang Theory", "Medium" etc... and tonight is the announcement for the new season of "Dancing with the Stars" which is the one and only reality show I watch but I'm completely hooked on!

So tell me, what shows do you currently watch and are there any new ones you are looking forward to?  I need to know these things so I can program the TV to tape them all.  Don't want to miss anything!


Sandra :) said...

I can't wait for the new Hawaii 5-0 to start - right now Spike is playing a bunch of the originals and I'm in deja vu heaven!! BOOK HIM, DANO!!!

jillytacy said...

They sound good but I pretty much stopped watching TV when I went back to teaching, I just don't have time. It sounds like Glee would be worth watching.

Danielle said...

What about Grey's Anatomy and Private practice?!?!? WHOO HOO my 2favs!

Miss Healthypants said...

I love Jimmy Smits, too--always have. His performance on "Dexter" was awesome.

But I do generally go for the sitcoms...I love Big Bang and HIMYM, too--I also love Modern Family and the Office. Mostly I'm looking forward to new episodes of those "old favorites." :)