Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catching up with my past

A couple of posts ago I eluded to the reasons behind my trip to South Florida. I was able to time travel back to the past... My first trip back was to high school. Miami Central High School to be exact. I really haven't had much contact with my friends from high school. That is, until Facebook came along.

Thanks to Facebook I've been able to reconnect with so many of my friends from high school ~ see pictures of them now and find out what they are up to. Most recently one of my best friends, Margie signed on to Facebook. I couldn't have been more excited. We were inseparable for both 11th and 12th grade. There wasn't much we didn't know about each other and we still keep those secrets to this day! We kept in touch for a while after high school but jobs, marriages, divorces and life in general took it's toll and we just lost touch.

These days we are both mothers ~ I have 3 and she has 4. We are both grandmothers ~ we each have one. Today I'm the crafty stay at home mom, PTO member etc.
 Margie is the Personnel Director for the City of Plantation by day and Motor Cycle Mama on the weekends. We lead completely different lives but the connection is still there. Unfortunately my camera spazzed out on me and the only pics I have from that night are really blurry ~ but here are a couple of her from facebook.

The other friend I met up with was Barry.  Barry dated one of my good friends back in high school and we went on a double date with my boyfriend Robert.   We didn't hang out much more than that at the time but we've been communicating on various school sites and of course, facebook and he's such a great guy.  I'm glad we have taken the time to get to know each other again.  

It was great to sit and chat with them both ~ talking about old times and all the dumb things we did as teenagers.  No pretenses of being what you never were.  They lived it too and we all came out okay.  We also caught up on the gossip about other old friends.
We'll definitely do this again and hopefully some more Miami Central High School alumni will be able to join us. 
In any case, I do hope this is just the beginning of new/old friendships. 


quiltingnana said...

facebook has been a great way for me to catch up on family that I haven't seen for your blog and previous posts about FL quilt shops

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand the sitting at the panel all day on facebook. But the 15 minutes I spent finding some people who mean the world to me was great. I've been a chatty cathy since. :)

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Anonymous said...

Barbara, I always enjoy reading your blog. How cool that you've been able to reconnect with old friends online and in person. Isn't it the best feeling? Thanks for sharing the fun with us. :o)
Love ya!!!