Monday, August 2, 2010

More Shop Hopping

So when we left off yesterday I was in Stuart, Fla ~ actually right across the street from the Stuart newspaper where Jennifer used to work. The next shop, as it turns out was "Quilters Choice" in Jupiter which just happens to be right down the street from the other east coast newspaper she worked at.

Silly me, wrote the directions to the shop which ended in "turn right onto Maplewood Drive", but somehow I failed to write down the ACTUAL ADDRESS!!! I went a mile down the road and saw a row of businesses and shops but not too much up ahead so I pulled in and called the shop. When I told them in was in a parking lot and facing the elementary school they said, "stay in the parking lot, turn around and we'll wave you in." I wish I had gotten a picture of these two wonderful women out in the middle of the parking lot frantically waving and throwing their arms about ~ with the biggest smiles ever!

"Quilters Choice" is a beautiful shop! Everything is "just so" and spotless. Lots and lots of eye candy as you can see from the pictures.

They have a wonderfully large classroom which is so important (in my opinion) for a good shop.

While I was there, Nan (I think is her name) gave a little impromptu class on locker hooking    which I haven't tried yet, but looks pretty neat.   Nan was one of the gals who greeted me outside.  Super super nice!

I think my favorite project I saw there was this rug..... I really want to make one of these.  It was done in cotton fabrics and ragged edge stitched.  Although while it is an adorable rug, I think I'd cringe if anybody actually walked on it.  
I didn't buy much in the way of fabrics there, especially after all the loot I picked up at The JaM Patch, but I did get one piece that will coordinate with one of the pieces I already had.

I would definitely visit this shop again if I was in the area.   They also do a lot of children's clothing classes including smocking, which my niece is really great at.   Dani, you would have loved looking around in here!

Two more shops to report on tomorrow before my big night out on Tuesday!!!


Danielle said...

OH MY GOSH! I want some of that brown and pink fabric!!1 :-P Super Cute

jillytacy said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I still have a locker hook rug that I started 3 years ago and haven't finished. Mine isn't anywhere near as nice!

Sandra :) said...

Funny you should mention locker hooking - when we were at Hobby Lobby (NY) on Saturday, there was a lady at the front of the store who was locker hooking some coasters - she was giving a class in the technique so she had a table set up with samples and supplies - I saw how she did it, but of course as soon as I left the store, I forgot how it went, lol.

Anonymous said...

I have fabric envy... I know I know, thou shalt not covet.. but golly... this is awesome I tell you. Tazzy