Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last week at a glance

It's been super busy at Casa de Albury. Jen and Charlie came for a visit on Monday and Tuesday. I was in Grammy heaven. Charlie is getting so big and so much more attentive. She smiles so much now and even giggles! It just melts my heart when she looks at me. DSC00569 Uncle Nate loves his little niece too...DSC00575 But this is my favorite pic of the week ~ with his hand on her tummy. DSC00576 So protective. Speaking of Uncle Nate ~ His feet are now bigger than mine, as are his hands. I'm also predicting that he'll be taller than me before too long.

We also had an unwanted visitor last week. DSC00562 I'm not a fan of snakes but he was pretty cool looking. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) he probably went to snake heaven later that night. You see we found him half inside and half outside the garage, trapped under the closed door. Can you see how flat he is in the middle? Richard gently guided him outside where I'm sure he became part of the food chain.

Wednesday Julianne and I went with Jen and Charlie to Gainesville. Jen was giving a lecture to another class, which we got to sit in on. It was so amazing to see her in her environment as a teacher. Her program was really very interesting and the students seemed to really get into it, asking lots of great questions. Jen also had a meeting with one of her professors so Julz and I were on Charlie duty. DSC00578

I had never been to the campus so we explored a bit. I love these trees. DSC00579 Something about all the moss draped over the trees reminds me of Florida from so very long ago. I brought the wrong shoes to walk around in so we didn't see as much as I would have liked. Of course, Charlie was an angel the whole time. We ended the day going to lunch with Jen's professor who was super nice. I really enjoyed chatting with her. Lunch was super yummy. Great salad place ~ gorgonzola salad with lots of cheese and avocado.

Between company and guitar lessons (Nate) and everything else going on I did get into the sewing room to make this. DSC00590 It's a clutch with a matching wallet. This will be going into the Etsy shop at some point. I love making and using these clutches.

I've got a big adventure coming up this week so stay tuned.


Sandra :) said...

Are my eyes right ... is Miss Charlie a REDHEAD?!??!?!?!?!! I can't see a bigger version of your blog photos to doublecheck, but I think I'm seeing STRAWBERRY BLONDE on that precious girl!!!

jillytacy said...

A few Charlie Days, how wonderful! What sweet pictures! it must have been nice to see Jen teach, you must have been so proud.
By the way the snake way yucky, thank goodness we don't have those here!

CritterLady said...

So many fun and interesting tidbits in your blog! Charlie is just gorgeous, and I love the pics of your kids with her.

The poor snake. Looked gorgeous, but yeah, I'm surprised it was even still alive after being crushed under the door. Hope it doesn't suffer much longer...

I love the pic of the tree. Looking at that, and feeling the heat and humidity here just feels so tropical!

The clutch and wallet is adorable! Your talent is sooo impressive. Love it! Thanks for sharing, Barb. Love and miss you!

Miss Healthypants said...

Such sweet pictures!--except for the snake picture, of course! Yikes! It is a cool-looking snake, though--do you know what kind he was? Poisonous or not? I would have totally freaked out if I saw that in my garage! :)

Anonymous said...

Can we say skeeves on the snake, Meeps on the baby!!!!! Adorable in every way your little one!! Tazzy