Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What a week

So far this week has proven to be busy as usual. The 6th grade class is selling Candy Grams as a fundraiser for their end of the year field trip to Disney's Epcot Center. Guess which parent has been at the school at 7:15 every morning supervising this production? Me, of course. I'm not on my own. There are about 3 or 4 other parents who have shown up each morning to help but it seems to me it's always the same small group of parents helping out. I realize a lot of parents have to work but out of the 150 6th grade students, you'd think there would be more than the same 5 or so... and I know, in our neighborhood we have a butt load of stay-at-home-moms.

Secondly, I've been or will be at the quilt shop just about every day this week and then some. I taught on Saturday, worked the Super Bowl sale on Sunday, worked Monday, Staff meeting on Tuesday that was supposed to be over at 11:00 but didn't get out until 2:00. I was supposed to go in today (Wed) but canceled the class I was supposed to teach today. Tomorrow I'll be there for training. Friday I'm going in to quilt on the HQ16 for a customer and then working again on Saturday. I don't have the work schedule for the following week but hopefully it'll be a bit lighter.

In addition to that, we went over to middle school last night for a tour and talk about the upcoming year. How in the world did my little man get old enough for middle school? Now, I realize we got an extra year because our county is one of the few that doesn't start middle school until the 7th grade and I'm actually grateful for that. Next year looks like it's going to be an "interesting" year though. It's a magnet middle school ~ meaning they have programs most middle schools don't. They have one of the best "gifted" programs in the county and Nate is already slotted to be in that. The other thing this school is known for is performing arts. Lots of Drama, Dance, Chorus, Band etc. Nate is hoping to learn/play the base guitar. He's also looking forward to taking Spanish and we haven't decided on his 3rd elective yet. The only sports teams the school has is basketball and track which is fine, cause those are the two he is most interested in. Tomorrow he will actually "shadow" another student already at the middle school, just to see what it's like for the day. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

And, oh yeah, we are still selling Girl Scout Cookies ~ any buyers out there?
Lastly since I don't like posts without pics... Here's one from Abbigale's visit ~ along with Jen & Oscar. abbi 053


LRFK said...

Ok, I am loving your blog! Specially that you don't waste time with small glasses!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

This is our first year in 8 years that we haven't sold cookies. Ahhhh