Sunday, February 15, 2009

Did I ever tell you about the time...

Did I ever tell you that I once worked for the Dade County Criminal Courts? This was way back in the late 70's ~ about the time of my first marriage. It was probably one of the craziest jobs I have ever had. I was the court clerk which meant I was the keeper of the files and the evidence, etc. I sat in court every day directly in front and below the judge. Some days it was a good job, and usually pretty interesting. Some days it was uncomfortable when I'd see someone I knew from school show up ~ as a defendant. Some days it was downright scary ~ being in a room with really really bad, truly evil people. Then there were the absolute dangerous days. The day I got knocked over by a criminal trying to escape, or the day one of the prison guards body checked me to keep me from being grabbed by yet another prisoner wanting to escape (yeah, that happens a lot!). Then there was the day I found myself alone in the courtroom with a man who had kidnapped and tortured a young girl for almost a week before she escaped ~ he was out on bond and came in early ~ I promptly left the room until a few more people decided to show up. The worst though, was the time I was bringing my cart (which held my files and evidence, etc back up to my office when the guy who was on trial (yeah, another evil nutjob out on bail) decided he didn't like me having "his" evidence and took his rifle off my cart and pointed it at me! He had killed his common law wife and shot his two best friends. At the time he was riding in a car in which his common law wife was the driver ~ and they were doing 70 mph down I-95. Who shoots and kills the driver of a car you are in while going 70 mph? A crazy person ~ that's who! Anyway...knowing this guy is absolutely nuts, I'm terrified even though I know that the bullets for the rifle are in my pocket (to keep them from rolling around the tray) but hey, this guy is nuts and there are a lot more ways to use a rifle than just shooting it. End of the story is that his attorneys and guards calm him down, give me the rifle back and they get in the elevator that I'm getting in. I decline and tell them I'll take the next elevator ~ thanks very much!
I only lasted at that job for about 6 months. It wasn't fun knowing all the evil that is out there and seeing too many of them going free. Some of the judges were great ~ some probably deserved to be in front of the courts instead of ruling them ~ but it was all too much for me. It did get me a lot of face time on TV but that's another story for another day. Oh ~ the pic of me and my mom was taken during this fun time!

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Miss Healthypants said...

Wow, Barb! What a crazy job! :)

I only had to be in a courtroom once, when I served on a jury. We convicted a woman for shoplifting (it was caught on tape, so it wasn't a hard case to try).

After hearing your story, I'm not sure I'd ever want to work in a courtroom, that's for sure!! :)

P.S. You asked if we were by St. Pete's in Florida, and yes we were, for a bit. Such a beautiful area!! :)

mom23boys said...

Holy Cow! And I thought I knew everything about you! lol. How could you keep this little tidbit a secret? Fascinating! -And I'm so glad you quit. It doesn't sound like a very safe job.