Friday, February 27, 2009

She's up to double digits

Can you believe my little baby turned 10 last weekend? Where did the time go? She was so tiny when we first got her, under 5 lbs. She's still a very tiny, or should I say petite little thing. DSC05662 But not quite little enough to still fit in to this kiddie stroller. Check out the back of the stroller DSC05663 What prompted them to put this warning on the mesh bag? Did someone actually put their child in there? And how little would that child have to be? Amazing!
For Julianne's birthday she opted to get a Nintendo DS instead of having a big birthday party. Rather Jen and Jeremy came down and Richard's mom came up. We went out for a nice breakfast DSC05656and then over to the mall so she could spend some of her gift cards on new games for the DS. DSC05657She also got High School Musical 3 DVD from her brother and some new clothes from the Ginkster.DSC05652 Instead of a cake, she opted for a giant creme filled cookie from the mall. I'm liking these low key birthdays.


Sandra :) said...

Happy Birthday Miss Julianne :)

Miss Healthypants said...

Happy Birthday to your "baby" girl! *smiles* I'm lovin' the "warning" on the back of the stroller. *tee hee*

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Julianne! Today was Trevor's and it was Chuck E Cheese as usual lol.