Friday, February 6, 2009

Trying something new

I've been dabbling lately at making some of my own designs ~ partially to see if I can and partially so there are no copyright issues to deal with. I came up with this bag. DSC05540 I think it would work nicely for someone in the tweens/teens and yes, we are back to the whole skull thing ~ but I'm still seeing them everywhere. If you have a young girl out there I'd love to hear what she thinks of it. It'll probably end up in my Etsy shop in the near future.
I'd like to try a more "grown up" design so I'm throwing out a question for you all... What size purse works best for you and what features do you like a purse to have? Lots of pockets (outside or inside) ~ what type of handle (long or short) ~ What type of closure works best for you (velcro ~ zipper ~ snap or button). Do you like the fabrics fun and funky or something more sensible that goes with more?
Just trying to get some ideas for my next design attempt and of course, you all will be the first to see it ~ good or bad.


Sandra :) said...

Sweet bag - I can definitely see tweens and teens carrying something like that - especially with the adorable skulls :D

I'm not a purse expert - I use the same purse for months on end because I'm too lazy to change from bag to bag. The one I carry now is a cat tapestry bag I got at a garage sale for about $10, lol. The two things that are most important to me are that the straps be long enough, and that there are a couple of pockets inside. I'm not very picky - as long as I like the outside fabric and it has those two features, I'm happy :) And now that I'm thinking about it, since I rarely change purses, fun and funky fabric wouldn't actually work well for me - I need basic/goes with everything! OMG I've turned staid ... YIKES!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Very cute!

upstateLisa said...

love those fabrics!

Christie said...

Such a cute bag! I have scrapbooking paper that looks like that fabric. My daughter loves skulls and crossbones.
Love your design.

Colleen said...

I use the Lazy Girl Runaround for my purse. Most people make fun of me because it's so small, but it holds all that I need . I don't have to worry about setting it down and forgetting it because it's always slung across me. And it was so easy to make I can make one for all the seasons.