Monday, February 2, 2009

I got carried away

DSC05543The other day I came across this quick and cute little project and thought it would make a cute Valentines giftee for Nate's teachers. It's a little mug mat that comes with tea, sweetener and a spoon. Well I started pulling out some valentines type fabrics and then couldn't make up my mind which combinations I liked best ~ so I made a whole batch! DSC05548 I think I ended up with about 15 of these little tea mats. So, what does one do with so many Valentine's mug mats?
I say it's time for another GIVE AWAY!!!
Leave me a comment between now and Sunday night ~ give me your best, or worst Valentines day story and I'll pick a bunch of my favorites and send you out a Tea mug mat. Can't wait to hear from you and don't forget to tell all your friends!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh those are so cute! Did you get your bookmark?

Sandra :) said...

I want to live beside you. I would peek into your sewing room every night and steal your ideas, then I'd raid your stash when you weren't home, and grab some of your delicious fabrics to cuddle and fondle!
Valentines Day stories - don't really have any, other than my two sons picking me out a little package of chocolates one year - a 3 pack - an I, a heart and a U --- it only happened one year tho, and was never referred to again by them, lol! My guys are so romantic. NOT!!! That's ok, tho - they have other redeeming qualities :D

Colleen said...

Those are really cute! My best Valentine's Day was two years ago, when my son was born 27 minutes shy of the holiday. Best gift ever, even though I'll probably never celebrate Valentine's Day for a long time because I'll be busy throwing birthday parties instead.

Dani said...

ok so here is my story... When I was 15 years old My friend Jamie and I met our boyfriends at 6 am at cracker barrel for valentines day breakfast before school... well when we got there Josh (Jamie's boyfriend) was there and Casey (My boyfriend) Was not. And to make things better, the night before Jamie and I had gone to the tanning bed (which was my very first time) and I FRIED myself to the point of second degree burns in the bends of my arms and legs. So that made for a VERY bad valentines day... so now as your favorite niece I request the really cute brown and pink ones!!!

mom23boys said...

DARN IT! I'm catching up a day too late!

Queenie Jeannie said...

It's great to meet a new blogger! HI!

Valentine's story: Gosh, hard one! I'm married to a VERY romantic man. I guess I'll pick last year as he was in Iraq (for the third time!) and yet still remembered this special day. He send me a long email, a love note and near the end had a cryptic message I didn't understand. Until my HUGE bouquet of roses arrived a little while later. Yes, my husband sends me flowers even from a war zone, thousands of miles away. He is the best!!!!

Rhonda P. said...

Those are really really cute!
Worst Valentines Day-I really can't remember a bad one. Birthday is a different story. lol
Best Valentines Day was the first year me and Dh were together.

Michelle said...

Oh very cute! I love the idea of the tea mats.

Valentines, hmmm. Best ever was when my boyfriend (now ex, sadly) gave me a three ring binder for Valentine's day. Yeah, not cool, right? Until I opened it. It was a DVD of Erin Borokovich because that was the first movie we'd seen together. There was a pizza wheel because the first meal he'd cooked for me was pizza and salad. The book went on and on with small gifts like this chosen to reflect on moments we'd spent together and a little note about each. I was so touched -- he remembered things even I hadn't!

MaBunny said...

Hiyas Barb! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always love to welcome new visitors:)
I love those little tea 'cozys' , I know thats not a real cozy but they are adorable! I can't quilt , but I do crochet:)
Hmmm, worst V'Day story -
Highschool - sr year -
My boyfriend came to my work ( at the local drugstore) just around closing time to give me my gift ( A stuffed animal and candy) , and I was so happy that when I went up to my boss to turn in my register I stepped back and actually fell off the stairs that led to his office and busted my ankle. So instead of going out to dinner when I left work, I spent Valentines night in the ER with my boyfriend and my parents...woohoo - loads of fun:)

Carol VR said...

Awww... this always comes to mind on valentines.

I snuck all my sisters valentines from her bag when she was in grade school one year and smeared lipstick on my lips so I could kiss the back of all the boys valentines she had yet to hand out.

Great fun!!!!

Regina said...

I need to make me some of these!!! Valentine's Day gets shafted in the chaos of 3 family birthdays so we don't really do it up big... Maybe when the Munchkin gets a bit older and starts encountering it in school.

Kristy James said...

I love the mug mats, especially the colors. I've made a mental note to start picking up valentine themed fabric. I actually made 10 or so of these for Valentine gifts for coworkers. Everyone loved them, but then asked what do I do with it? I guess that's what you get when you work with IT folks.

Valentines Day Stories...let's see my husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. If I actually did get flowers, I would really worry that something was wrong. About 3 years ago, he suprised me with a nice heart shaped necklace and our anniversary (2/12). The same year I was planning to make him a rag quilt. As usual my best intentions don't always work out...but I did give him a bag with several finished blocks. It has been a running joke, three years later, he finally got his quilt. I just finished it a week ago. I'm terrible, but it has been a running joke for the past few years. Now what will he have to tease me about....I'm sure he'll figure something out.

Ter said...

those are cute. is it like a coaster for your mug with a pocket to carry your tea pack in ?

I love the pink/brown combination.