Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quilter's Home Magazine

Not sure if you all have heard of Mark Lipinski or Quilter's Home Magazine. Mark is a quilter/ designer/ magazine editor. He's definitely the "bad boy" of quilting ~ a rebel if you will. In his previous life he was a producer /program director of such little shows as "The View" and "Oprah" to name a few.
He now has his own line of patterns and fabrics and a great blog called "The Blog From Pickle Road."
The reason I mention all this is, Jo-Ann fabric & craft is refusing to shelf the latest addition of his magazine. I personally couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Actually it's the only magazine subscription I currently have. It's not just quilt patterns. There are great articles, humorous editorials and even yummy recipes. It's not just your ordinary quilters magazine.
So, I'm sure you are wondering why Jo-Ann's (who usually carries this magazine) is boycotting this issue. It's his article on controversial quilts ~ quilts that have been banned from shows or were at least controversial in the shows.
Having read the article and seen the quilts, I honestly don't see what the problem is. One has a nude male figure, from the back ~ and very tastefully done. Some of the quilts deal with homosexuality (oh no!) or gun control, pain and suffering.
I personally think it's the most interesting magazine I've read in a while.
I'm not asking you to boycott Jo-Ann's and neither is Mark, but you should definitely check out this magazine. It's really really good.

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