Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My son, the artist

So yesterday I just happen to walk past the fridge (I do that sometimes) and notice this... DSC05553
You see I keep both of the kids current school pics in those clear magnet things on the fridge and I guess my son decided his sister NEEDED a mustache. I honestly wanted to be mad, but I just had to crack up! He is, at least considerate enough to do it in dry erase markers so it wipes right off.
Rather than yelling at him I decided I'd pay him back with this.. DSC05555 You can't see the horns too well ~ but they are definitely there.
I did erase Julianne's mustache before she noticed it. She's been in a bit of a mood lately and I don't think she would have found it as amusing as I did.

Speaking of Julianne, she wanted to help with dinner last night. Since I had decided on cobb salads ~ I chopped and she decorated.. DSC05557 I think she did a pretty good job and we both had fun doing it. Nathaniel was so excited (and hungry) we caught him sneaking a bite before we could all sit down. DSC05558 My MIL loves it when I make salads so I called and invited her over. Imagine the nerve of her NOT wanting to drive 2 1/2 hrs for some salad! hee hee


Sandra :) said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm cobb salad - I haven't made that in a long time - I should throw it into the the menu rotation!

Monnik said...

I was just going to type what Sandra did. What a great meal idea. Thanks!

And the mustache is funny. Good call on erasing it before it started a fight, though. :)

Jennifer said...

Hahaha! That kid is a card! I love it! It's high time I taught him the old salty toilet seat prank!

Miss Healthypants said...

Those fridge paintings are hilarious! :)

And FYI--Iwanski & I spent a long weekend in the Orlando/Tampa area (for our friend's wedding). The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed it very much! You live in a great state there! :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Ummm that looks good! Cute little artist there lol

Queenie Jeannie said...

MMMMMMM!! That looks so good and healthy too! Great job!

Christie said...

You're son is a hoot!
AND your salad looks fabulous!