Saturday, July 12, 2008

You are never too old to try something new

The something new is a shot of tequila (with salt & lime, of course). The who is my darling Mother in Law, Charlotte. It was her birthday today and we went out to dinner at Carlos & Pepe's. She and Richard both ordered margaritas ~ I was driving :( and Richard got the always wonderful idea to do a shot of tequila as well and ordered one for his mom who has never had a shot of anything ~ ever! She was a good sport about it and although she only shot 1/2 the shot she did do the second half with more salt & lime and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were not sure what to get her for her birthday since the only thing she mentioned wanting was a container for the back of her CR-V so groceries, etc. would not fly around... so we got her a big blue plastic container then decided to "fill it." DSC03340 We got lots of stuff she wouldn't normally get herself but would enjoy. There was a bucket of margarita mix.. the kind you mix with tequila and keep in the freezer and of course, got her the tequila and some blue corn chips with a pineapple salsa. Also some chocolates, pistachio's, a couple of bottles of wine, some gourmet rice, some body lotion, bath wash, bath scrungie, a CD holder for her car and Richard burned her some CD's to get her started, shampoo etc...
We also got her this plack, which I love. DSC03339 I told her she had to put it somewhere that she could see it and follow it every day.
And I guess you are never too old to act silly! DSC03345 Happy Birthday Mumy!
We also went out to the movies to see "Wall E." I wasn't that impressed but then I was not in a very good mood. Everyone seemed to love it ~ so there you go!


Miss Healthypants said...

I hope you gave your Mom-in-law some good tequila, like Patron--not Jose Cuervo! *grin*

I loved that plaque...very cool. :)

jillquilts said...

I love that gift idea! Very creative!

jillytacy said...

Richard's mom looks like loads of fun! It sounds like she had a good birthday. The plaque is very nice, I need to learn to do that.
We saw Wall.e and loved it! Then again we go to most of the kids movies that come out. Wall.e will definitely become part of our DVD collection.