Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A rainy day

It rained all day today. I'm not complaining mind you ~ we needed the rain. The lakes are still a bit low but coming up... it just means there was no pool time today but we all made the best of it. Julianne watched quite a bit of TV (no surprise there) and Nate had his friend, Jacob over and they played with their Nintendo DS's (no surprise there either). DSC03355 Here they are on my computer, looking up "cheats" for their game. (pardon the messy desk!) He did use ALL his game time for today and tomorrow as well.
Me, I sewed (again, is anyone surprised?). This is what I accomplished. DSC03357 It's a "Grab & Go bag." I'm in a Grab & Go swap with one of the (half dozen or so) Yahoo groups I belong to. This was my first one so I'll keep it. The next one will have some of the "bumps" figured out better and I'll send that off to someone else who will make one and send it to me. It's fun to see how others interpret the same design.

I also did some work on a "Laurel Birch" wall hanging for the quilt shop. Basically I cut out all the pieces and then made 28 "snowball" blocks. I promise to show pics once I get it all done.
I have a mile long list of things to get done tomorrow.. but that's another day.


Sandra said...

Great bag, and great yoyo embellishment!!! Aren't they fun to make? The next one you make will go twice as fast, and will be even easier to do, now that you have the "bumps" ironed out. Trust me! LOLOL!!!

Regina said...

I have one of these cut out - it was on Whip Up or Sew Mama Sew as a tutorial - but I have not put it together yet. What pattern did you use?? My MIL wants one - so I am trying to find the easiest (free) pattern.