Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pretty Wild wildlife

I really enjoy Sandhill Cranes and I guess it's a good thing ~ I am now surrounded by them. It's the mascot at the kids new school and our neighborhood is one of their favorite hang outs. This one was on the roof of the house directly across the street.
DSC03313 Most of the chicks I had posted picture of are all grown up now and are the same size as their parents. They don't have the very distinctive red on their heads yet though. I hear them all through the day and managed to get a quick video of one yesterday. Hopefully you will be able to hear it alright. They actually get quite loud and you really don't want to approach them too closely as they can also be very aggressive. I saw a film one time of a couple of them backing down an alligator. YIKES!

Sorry about the "shaky" video. I was walking across the street as I filmed and those of you who know me, well... let's just say walking and chewing gum at the same time can be tricky!


Sandra said...

ROTFL that guy is strutting up the sidewalk like he's got a date with the neighbourhood widow lady!

"backing down an alligator" sounded implausible until I saw your video - they're HUGE! I think I would give those fellows the right of way just in case, LOL.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

We have cranes or maybe they are herons here. Never heard them make any noise though!

Jennifer said...

Cool! Great video! It sounds like a dinosaur!

Becky said...

Nice video. I'd forgotten how they sound. Thanks! Pretty sunset.

jillytacy said...

Thanks for sharing. Nature Girl and I enjoyed the video! She wanted to know if they stay there forever. I wasn't sure if they migrate. Very cool to see and hear your cranes! We have Blue Herons here in the North but I've never heard their call.