Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evening walks

Lately Richard and I have been dragging the kids out on nightly walks after dinner. Mostly they whine and complain but once we get going they are fine, especially if they take their bikes.DSC03319
Last night our walk was a bit late due to "little miss" and her slow as snails way of eating .. .but we were in time for a beautiful sunset... my picture doesn't do it justice but I love the shades of pink and sometimes orange that we get here DSC03318
Last night I finished up a couple of purses. These two will go to a couple of sisters. One of which just graduated high school so it has a little something extra in the wallet. DSC03320 It's the "Runaround Bag" by "Lazy Girl Designs"
This one is for the older, more sophisticated graduate and her younger sister, who loves pandas, will get this one DSC03324
I've also finished two of the projects I'm doing for the quilt shop. These are both from Nancy Halvorsens book and her fabrics as well. Checkers did a whole write up on them here. I did the gift bag DSC03312 It still needs the "pear" button. And the pear table runner DSC03311 Are you sensing a theme here?
We actually cooked out on the grill the other night. I made veggie kabobs and we grilled those along with some steak . I also cut up some potatoes, sprinkled them with olive oil, salt & Pepper and wrapped them in tin foil. They turned out really good. DSC03302 Isn't that the nicest "fake" smile you've ever seen?
In more family news, Julianne is going to Mad Science Lab Camp this week. She's really enjoying it so far. They've done quite a bit of fun stuff. Yesterday they showed them how to fill a film container (does anyone still use those) half with water, put in a half an alka seltzer, put the top on, shake it up and quickly put it on the ground upside down. It explodes rather quickly shooting the film container pretty high up. Fun but harmless. She brought one of Richards white button down shirts which they have apparently made into lab coats.DSC03309 I can't wait to see what it looks like now.

I've emailed back and forth with Angie's mom lately. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through this rough time. No One should ever have to go through what she has.


Sandra said...

Well, my friend, your post has just shown me what I'm making for Christmas gifts this year - I'm ordering that Nancy Halvorsen book and I'm going to make pear tablerunners, which will be presented in Nancy Halvorsen gift bags. That Checkers link didn't work for me, but I ordered the book anyways because your projects are positively stunning. I think Nancy should send you a commission - I burned rubber ordering the book so quickly after seeing YOUR PICTURES!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love the purses!

Jennifer said...

Pretty purse! I really like the first one.

Regina said...

Love love love love those bags -glad to hear your sewing room is back in production!!!

LOL at the Mad Scientist look - good for her!! I always loved that kidn of stuff.

Miss Healthypants said...

Loved the purses!--and the sunset. *smiles*