Sunday, July 13, 2008

A room with a view

Okay so we have 3 (yes 3!) lovely bathrooms in the new house. One is the master bath off our bedroom, the second is located directly between the kids room and the 3rd is at the back of the house across the hall from my sewing room and leads out to the pool. This, as it happens, is everyones favorite bathroom to use. Mind you, it's the smallest bathroom in the house but... Its my favorite because it has better water pressure than the master bath. It's the kids favorite cause it has all kinds of fun body wash, lotions and body butter (all mango scented). I also love it cause it's the only room in the house with VIVID color, which I love. It is also a room with a great view. Here's the view from the throne (and no I wasn't using the facilities at the time) DSC03349
And this is the view from the hallway door DSC03348
The tile in the shower matches the tile in the pool and is actually used in all three bathrooms
And finally the view from the door leading to the pool... DSC03350
Just ignore the pile of boxes outside the door (still more sewing room stuff to find a home for!) Doncha love the peachy color?
I hope to show you some of the other rooms as they get done... someday!


amy purple said...

What an amazing view outside those amazing windows! WOW!

Miss Healthypants said...

Oh my GOSH, can I come live at your house?! *grin*

From what I can tell, you have a very beautiful home and yard. I loved the view outside that window!

I have a view of Lake Michigan from my high-rise window. I guess it's not that bad. *smiles*

Monnik said...

Great view and the color is bright and cheery - just like you! :)

jillytacy said...

Great bathroom! I want one with a view like that too!