Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not necessarily better but definitely hotter in the Bahamas

DSC00190Richard, the kids and I took a cruise to the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago. We don't normally go in the summer but we just couldn't wait. I have a friend (Hi Becki) that books cruises and she got us a great price. We couldn't pass it up.

We actually sailed out of Miami which was interesting. I haven't been in Miami in forever.DSC00133 We got some great pictures of downtown while we waited for the ship to depart.
This is the very south tip of Miami Beach looking north as we leave. DSC00155

DSC00153I planned on drinking a lot ~ after all ~ no where to drive afterwards. DSC00129 Friday was Rum,DSC00161 Saturday was Tequila and Sunday was Vodka! And while I did have 3 rum drinks throughout the day on Friday, I actually only had one drink on Saturday and one on Sunday. Disappointing, I know. DSC00170 DSC00164

The ship was a lot more crowded than I remember and really really steaming. Especially during the muster drill before sailing. They had us all out on the deck, touching shoulders and no breeze whatsoever. I have to say that was the most uncomfortable part.DSC00175 The four of us in a room was a bit cramped as well but other than sleeping we really didn't spend much time there.DSC00197 We did enjoy our towel critters every evening though.

The first day was Coco Cay ~ Royal Caribbean's private island. DSC00184 The last time we took a cruise, the seas were too rough to shuttle the passengers. DSC00192 This time we got to take the kids snorkeling. The sun was hot (Richard has the sunburn to prove it) but the water was perfect. The further out you got, the colder the water got. It places it was almost like ice water. We got to see some really pretty fish swimming around us and the kids ~ especially Nate couldn't get enough of it.
They serve a great buffet out on the beach ~ burgers, hot dogs, ribs ~ lots of salads and fresh fruit. It was great. You have to be careful though. The birds have their routine down and if you move away from your plate even for a moment they swoop down and it's all theirs.

Back on the boat we watched a good show or two, enjoyed cheering on the people brave enough to participate in Karaoke, and relax in the piano bar. While Julianne hung with us most of the time, Nate chose to spend his evening time in the teen room.

On Sunday we walked around Nassau and visited the places Richard used to live as well as the school he went to. DSC00256 We were so soaked from sweat ~ I don't recommend walking a couple of miles (some uphill) in that kind of heat. DSC00287 Boy were we glad to be back on the air conditioned ship.DSC00207

We thought this was kinda funny DSC00218 It's on the side of some type of health/medical bldg.

Monday brought us back into Miami and we took a detour to my past. This is the house I lived in for almost 13 yrs as a kid. DSC00335 It was on NW 10th avenue and 140th street. It was pink at the time and didn't have a fence. It was bordered by chinese cherry bushes. There are still a few there but the coconut palms (we had three) were all gone. The mango trees still survived which was cool.

The second house we drove by was where I lived from 8th to 11th grade.DSC00339 It is on NW 17th Ave and 132nd street. I got my first kiss on that front porch. It's a shame to see how everything has gone downhill. This house used to be beautiful. It didn't have a fence either and all the trees where kept trimmed into these cool shapes. I really loved this house.

We drove past my elementary school as well ~ I didn't get pictures but it's pretty run down now as well. I have so many great memories from Ben Franklin Elementary and "the field" which was the big hang out well into middle school.  We drove around quite a few of my old haunts but everything has changed so much.  Guess you really can't go home again!

Anyway... a good trip but glad to be back.  Hope you get to do something fun this summer too and I'd love to hear all about it!


CritterLady said...

So fun to read this, and to see your great pics! I THOUGHT that house looked familiar, but it was really wracking the ol' brain cells to remember. Good thing I don't drink if I'm this messed up even without it. LOL!

The cruise looked great. I loved the one I went on with Mom, and snorkling was one of my favorite parts, so I'm with Nate! I'm glad you had fun and got to visit your old haunts. Thanks for sharing it!

vivian said...

Neat to go back and visit places you grew up. The stadium where my high school played football is abandoned and looks so run down. It was sad seeing it.

Miss Healthypants said...

Glad you had fun, even though it was HOT! :)

It's been really hot here--temps in the 90's and humid--but I'm not about to beats 20 degrees any day!! *smiles*