Monday, July 19, 2010

A shameless plug for my Etsy shop!

I've finally updated my poor neglected Etsy shop. I did 9 Wallets, 5 Busy Books, 4 Travel Pillow Cases, and 2 sets of Coasters.  I do hope you'll go check them out!

I love these wallets.  It's the only thing I use anymore. My kids use them and even Richard requested one and it's now all he will use as well.  It's amazing how much these will hold and for $5.00 they are quite a bargain.

These coasters are super absorbent and machine washable.  I love that I can make them to match any decor or any activity.  I've had customers requests sets for their bunko night or for the holidays. It's a perfect hostess gift. They are $10.00 for a set of 4.  It's one of the bonus things I used to teach if my beginning quilt students finished on time.   I probably have 2 dozen various prints of these in my kitchen drawer.  The kids love to pick out their favorites.

Of course the pillows are my all time favorites.  I keep a couple in the car for the kids.  They are great for sleepovers ~ much easier to carry and pack then full size pillows and I don't know about you but at hotels, I like my head resting on a pillow that is MINE!  Bet you'd be so surprised to find out that mine has pink flamingos all over it!
I really love this retro looking fabric.  I would love a whole nursery based on this fabric! I charge $15.00 for these with the pillow or $10.00 for just the case.  Not bad, right?

Then there are the Busy Books.  While my kids claim to have outgrown them, there is nothing they like more than having paper and colored pencils at a restaurant or when we are traveling in the car.  These have been hugs hits and for $10.00 they include a dozen colored pencils and pad of lined paper.  They make great gifts for childrens birthday parties, especially when I custom make them, knowing just what the child likes.  You could also add some sheets of stickers to make them extra special.

I recently put up a white board in the sewing room.  I listed the size of pieces I need for the most common stuff I make for the shop, this way when I have a piece of fabric I really like, I can see at a glance what size pieces to cut out of it   Next I cut up a bunch of "kits" for those things then next time I have a moment to sew, I can grab a kit and go.  It also helps when I'm making a bit batch of stuff like I did this weekend to cut down on thread changes .

Later this week I'm going to be working on a batch of purses and clutches for both women and girls so stay tuned!


Jackie H. said...

Checked out your stuff. your busy books are cute. I like how you made up kits of fabric that you can sew when you have a chance. that would be a good idea for me since my 2 yo and baby interupt me just when I try to create something :(

cozy quilter said...

Love the pillow cases! I need to make some of those...

Thanks for visiting my blog.


jillytacy said...

I love the jungle animal print on the pillowcase and busy book. I can attest that the wallets and travel pillows are great! We love ours! Thank you! I can't wait to see what you come up with for purses.

Miss Healthypants said...

Cool stuff, Barb! :)

I sent your blog link to a good friend of mine who's thinking about starting up an Etsy Shop, too. :) (She makes quilts.)