Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We finally won!

This last couple of soccer seasons have been a bit underwhelming as I mentioned in a previous post. Last season, not only did we not win a game, we only scored two goals then entire season.

New season, whole new team, and while we had not won a game yet, we were able to actually score a few times. That has all changed now. WE WON A GAME!!!

The game was in south Palm Bay and we got there late (the game started at 3:00 which means we needed to be there at 2:15 and didn't make it until 2:45). Nate forgot his shin guards, although coach had a spare set, he sat out the first quarter of the game. Before you judge us for getting him there late, the directions to the place took us the really really long way and remember we were picking up trash on the roadside all morning!

Anyhow, Nate played the remaining 3 quarters and actually made the last goal of the game ~ giving us a 4 to 0 win. He also set up the first goal, getting the ball to the coaches son who was directly in front of the goal and wham ~ our first goal. The kids played really really well together and they gave it their all. I can't tell you how many times our kids "took a shot" for the team. Some of them were on the ground more than they were running.
Rich took this pic of the goalie. First time he's gotten to relax during a game.
He's actually the best goalie we've had in a long long time.  He's super tall with really long legs.  He almost look unnatural when he runs but he's not only a good player ~ he seems like a really good guy.  Always talking positive on the field and cheering on his fellow players.
I really like the entire team.  I think we have just about an even number of boys and girls on our team and I have to say, our girls can kick butt.  We have one player (female) that Richard calls the "Cleaner".  She plays defense ~ all the way back by the goal and let me tell you, if there is a ball coming her way, it's gone.  If she has a clear shot, she will kick the ball clean across the field.  If someone from the opposing team has the ball, she does this amazing thing where she will kick it out from under them before they even know the ball is gone.   No one gets past her.

DSC08650And while I forgot to get many pics ~ here's one ~ probably the only time Nate wasn't full on running down the field. I think he looks so cute in his uniform.

Ironic that we are playing so well, now that we only have two games left. Next week's game is much closer to home so we should be there on time... unless, of course, we are in Jacksonville oogling over the most precious baby ever.


Monnik said...

Hooray for a win! Good for them. Sounds like a great bunch of kids!

Sandra :) said...

Congratulations on the goal, and congratulations on the win! Can't wait for the other big news - I'm on pins and needles ... of course, I'm sure you're on them too, LOL!!!

BTW - my "word verifcation" word is hopmener - I think that would make a lovely baby name :)



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