Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is it Christmas in April?

I know it's Easter ~ that's a whole nother post ~ but it's been like Christmas around here. Presents coming and going.

Here's what went out... First of all I sent this quilt DSC08109out to my nephew Brayden
Isn't he just adorable? I was afraid he'd be old enough to drive down and get it by the time I got it sent out.

I also sent these out for my "Pay it Forward" gifts They were for Regina, Karen and Julie DSC08500 DSC08370 DSC08372 They are tea bag wallets. Here's what the inside looks like DSC08373 I know Regina has gotten hers. I'm assuming the other two have either arrived or will arrive soon. It only took me the full year to get these out.

Speaking of "Pay it Forward," here's what I got from Deanna DSC08457 It's a tissue case and a little larger case she told me I should "keep the pics of my new (as yet unborn) grand baby in.

And that was just the beginning of the incoming gifts. I also received a wonderful package from Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs. She sent a Layer Cake (10" squares of every piece of a specific fabric line) of the Hunky Dory line by Chez Moi. She also sent some Lazy Girl labels and two packages of her very own fabric tabs. Now she sent these to thank me for "letting her" showcase my Maggie bags that I made for Julz's birthday. I'm thinking I should be the one to thank her for all the attention she brought to my blog but the fabrics are so cute, I'll take it and say Thanks! 
These are just a few of the pieces and considering it takes a 10" square to make a Maggie bag I think these may be destined to become just that! How fun.
The other gift I received this week was from a bloggy friend who wishes to remain unnamed but I can tell you they came all the way from down under. Look at all these great selvage.  She sent them after she saw my selvage screen bag.  Isn't that just the nicest thing?  So many wonderful and generous bloggers out there.  Thanks everyone ~ I'm getting so spoiled.


Trish said...

And we still do LOVE that quilt, even though I can't say that I've written that thank you note that I promised. Oops :) And I did finally move it into his room.

Jandi said...

I love the quilt and he sure is a cutie! Congrats on getting so many things out. I've been sending out a few things this past month and I am sick of standing in line at the post office! lol

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I got mine the day before yesterday! Thanks so much! I need to do a post. We've been so busy lately.

Regina said...

Love the quilt - all the PIF's were luscious (the bees were the BEST) - and look at all those selvages and other goodies! "Merry Christmas!" to a sweetie!!!

Miss Healthypants said...

Awesome quilt & gifts! :)

I like that "Friends are the Best Therapy" mug--where can I get one of those? :)

Bella said...

I got it...i love it...and I sent a personal TY to your email....THANK YOU!!!