Monday, April 12, 2010

Soccer Updates

For those of you (mostly family) wondering about Nate's soccer. His team this season seems a bit better than last season but still not great. I think the problem is, once they reach this age the best players try out for "competitive" soccer teams. We really don't want to go that route. They practice just about every day and they travel quite a bit. Nate's not "that" into it and let's face it.... he barely gets all his school work done with practice twice a week. I think it would be too much of a strain on all of us.

I think this will be his last season playing on a team (at least for now). Next year he plans on taking PE at school. He opted out this year to get the classes he wants but he would rather take PE at school next year.

In any case, I've gotten a few good pics so far this season....
DSC08471This is my favorite soccer pic ever Do you notice anything about this pic? Of the 5 players in the picture ~ not one of them has their feet on the ground. I managed to catch them all in mid air. What are the chances of that?
And then there is Julianne at Nate's soccer games. She's not a big fan of the sport but she keeps herself occupied... Taking pictures of her own hand, squishing Richard's head DSC08581 I guess whatever works to keep her happy.

In any case, the weather has been beautiful for being outside. It would be nice if we could win a game but I guess you can't have it all.


Sandra :) said...

HAHAHAHAHA what kid DOESN'T want to squish mom or dad's head between their fingers? LOL!!!

The kids all look like they're having a great time - that's the important thing, mid-air or grounded! ;)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's a pretty cool picture! Yeah this year with Jessica (sophomore) we're really seeing all the "travel ball" kids on the team and even the parents cheer different. Everyone is out for blood instead of just trying to do the best they can and having a good time.